On this extremely important day of INTERNATIONAL DAY OF GIRLS IN ICT, the Impact17 team publicly welcomes Shraddha Patnala.

Shraddha is a part-time professional and full-time human being. She graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Rhodes University, South Africa, in 2018. Her next milestone project, also at Rhodes University, was her Masters research in developing digital health communication about the dangers of antimicrobial resistance from food sources for low-literate end-users. Her passion is to lend her skills to help people’s work reach their full potential. Shraddha currently runs her own digital communications agency –THE FREELANCING QUILL and is a proud partner of Impact17. 

The Impact17 team is already grateful for Shraddha’s efficiency and passion towards the company and clients. She’s been instrumental behind the scenes on a variety of projects and fulfils each task to the best of her ability. We look forward to learning and growing with Shraddha!

Side note – Tamryn (our founder) and Shraddha both met at Rhodes!