Let me ask you a question, how many articles have you read in this past month that you’ve spoken about it to your family and friends? If the number is over 10, then, well done future Einstein.

How many movies, series or videos have you watched and shared your feedback with family and friends? Most likely over 50.

You have a product or service and you need to spread the word. How do you do this? Yes, you call Tamryn from Impact17.

But , if you already have your socials in check, you post the images and description on your social media.

Is it enough? Are you getting the rightful traction? Are people calling you to buy your goods/services after your post?


Introducing our MINI-SERIES creation service.

Keeping up with media trends, we’re helping you stay relevant yet stick to doing what you do best- your work.


  1. You speak to an Impact17 team member to discuss the theme and flow of the series.
  2. You send Impact17 photos and videos.
  3. The Impact17 team adds HIGH-END WRITE UPS and POWERFUL EDITS to make your video as appealing as possible.
  4. We send you a final product for you to share on your social media.


We price the project based on the specifications. We will advise you on how to get your social media set up in a way that the videos are on a professional platform.

You know our commitment (and somewhat love relationship) to small-biz, so, our rates are favourable for those without huge budgets. We always have you covered!

If you were always digitally serving “bran muffins”, this is adding “caramel infused chocolate muffins with fluffy white icing and rainbow sprinkles” to the content menu.

Are you ready for this EXTREMELY cool way of getting your brand to the people? We are!

Email us: tamryn@impact17.co.za