WHY PASSION, POWER, PURPOSE for a marketing company?

PASSION: Our founder, Tamryn Iyer, loves social media (can you tell). Always being the go-to for everything online and with a love for small business, Impact17 was born.

POWER: Fun fact: We have the BEST clients. We may just be doing their brands but we get to learn so much from them. From simple business etiquette to complex life lessons…OR, we find ourselves helping other businesses LEVEL up!It’s all-around POWER with Impact17.

PURPOSE: We call this a SOUL company for a reason. To the world, it’s only a LOGO or WEBSITE. To US, it’s the manifestation of YOUR dream, your vehicle to getting more clients. Having a professional brand makes you TAKE UP YOUR SPACE. And we’re here with a professional graphics and communications team, JUST FOR YOU. YOUR life mission+Impact17’s digital skills = EVERYTHING.

Impact17 takes the excellence in that you are offline, to curate premium media solutions for you, online.