Questions I prepared to answer in conversation with Fredy Mashate- Young Aspirations. Full video HERE

Who is Tamryn and why is the subject of personal branding so important to her?

It’s really what we observe in others. It’s the reason we choose to buy or not. It’s the reason we say yes to dates or spend time with certain friends and family. Now all of those offline thoughts, ONLINE….That’s branding.

When did you first realise the importance of having an image that defines you?

I have a paternal uncle who taught me about branding/ image and a maternal aunt who is a photographer, who taught me about clarity and quality. My dads also an entrepreneur who enjoys customizing items with his logo, hence, combining those informal lessons together with spending my time on the internet, that’s how I have seen the importance. And, I learn every day.

How has been your journey thus far in creating your personal brand…(ups & downs?)

We learn and unlearn DAILY. Also, as I discover every day who Tamryn Iyer is, my brand has to align accordingly. I have a structure but I also have to allow for a flow. Every time I write a quote, I have to think about “what would people think of this”….I’m slowly working through this fear, but, every day’s a new day. I learn, conquer and self-doubt all in a day’s work!

If you had to explain Personal Branding to someone who has never heard of the concept before… what would you say?

Clone yourself and stand outside two shops. A high-end clothing outlet and a regular clothing store. What kind of clothing is there? What are the labels like? How is the service? What kind of music is playing? How many people are in the store? All those answers are your brand.

Why should I be concerned about creating a brand for self and essentially marking one’s presence felt.

You don’t have to be if you don’t want to be. That’s my opinion. But, if you are going to use the online space, especially to drive income, you’re going to want to do it properly. Most people buy the “person” and then the product they sell. Also, with the internet being the only lifeline to connect during Covid-19, we subconsciously make decisions. Your online/offline brand HAS to merge. If you need personal brand help, we are your people.

What effect does our parents and society have in shaping ones brand?

Basically everything. But, start with yourself. You’ve got to believe in your concept. Once you believe in it , put in the courage and hard work, people will naturally start buying it in. TRUST ME, THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU ARE THE LEAST SUPPORTIVE AT THE BEGINNING BUT ARE THE FIRST ONES TO JUMP THE BOAT WHEN YOU’RE SUCCESSFUL. Don’t focus on the noise of praise and discouragement. They BOTH pass, trust me. Focus on being you. And being passionate about what you do and your brand will automatically follow suit.

If ever I wanted to have this personal brand where would I start? Tips and nuggets.

Call Tamryn. That’s it. +27793627435!

What is the idea and vision behind Impact 17?

All budgets deserve sound brands. And that’s us. Working with clients from lower and higher income. Our service is the same. Every client deserves a digital identity they are proud of, and that’s Impact (17).

How have you been using impact 17 as a vehicle to assist individuals and businesses to build their brands?

We take their vision and give it to them as a functional product. A logo becomes a flyer. A logo becomes a sticker and packaging. A logo becomes an advert . That is how we help!

What is the impact of getting professional help especially if you are not clued on where you should start?

Your marketing/ branding person is like choosing a life partner. (Seriously). They have to align with you and amplify what you’re currently doing. They have to be on the same wave length as you. As a marketing “professional” (If I can even take that title), I believe that your work should be BRILLIANT offline and PRESENT online. I’m not here to bring 1000 leads to your company and then your sales team is so inefficient and cannot meet those requests. I’m here to help you post that your exceptional offline work for three clients, so those become trust building factors. And that hopefully brings you another six clients. That’s my way of business. My clients align with that and we make magic.

Thank you Fredy Mashate for inspiring me beyond words! May Impact17 and Young Aspirations forever inspire greatness and more especially, for people to take ACTION.