I am a Social Sciences graduate with a passion for communication and for a living, I build brands. Social media is only the bridge between two humans. You can either give your audience a reason and meaning to choose to come toward you or, burn you.

Over the lockdown, companies and individuals have utilized my services and I’ve penned down a few things that could relate to a wide audience.

  1. The internet is not easy. It’s an ever-changing GLOBAL playing field, so, we get it. If you need help, please reach out to us. From the most simple to the most complex task, we are here to hold your hand (virtually) through it all.

2. Human content triumphs. And not in a superficial way. Without exposing ALL the flaws, there’s a way to show you and your company/organization is made up of humans. We know that way.

3. Less is MORE…MORE or less. We work with the most talented digital artists who bring to life the concept/ design the client has. We’ve found, time and time again, the most minimal design with the most impact, wins every time!

4. Talk to your clients. Ever went out with a friend where it felt like they were on a monologue. Yeah, that’s how some brands are online. You’re not “selling a product/service” through your media. You’re sharing the experience, the value and so much more. For example, if you’re making a change, do a POLL on your socials and show them that you’ve chosen that result. They will feel like they’re part of

5. Think big and think small. You’ve got to launch your dreams. I mean seriously. Your dream business, your dream foundation. To launch your organization, all you need is a vision and some courage to act on it. All the digital details, leave it to us.

PS, YOU’VE GOT TO BE BRILLIANTLY AMAZING OFFLINE AND GOOD ONLINE TO BE SUCCESSFUL. And if you’re already super dynamic WITHOUT social media, you’re our next client. I look forward to working with you.

tamryn@impact17.co.za / +27 79 362 7435