Welcome to our brand new website- LAUNCHED ON THE FIRST 17TH OF 2021!

We once heard that 2021 is just 2020 with a fringe and we couldn’t relate more.

Our 2020 vision (little did we see what was coming) : “Impact17 helps individuals, organizations and small businesses have an amplified voice on social media”.

Our 2021 vision: “Impact17 takes the excellence you are offline to curate premium media solutions for you online”. We work with THE most dynamic clients and hence, we’re here to give them a digital reflection. So, everything simple and complex: from event campaigns all the way to email signatures, we’re going to give in our all!

We hope to be building EVEN more brands this year and helping our clients share their IMPACT with the world.

We can’t wait to share the wonderful clients we’ve done work for! Thank you for trusting us! Stay tuned to www.impact17.co.za for the latest updates.

Your passionate, powerful, purposeful GirlBoss

Email: tamryn@impact17.co.za /

Personal Website: www.tamryniyer.world