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Why the Number 17?”

The number 17 in numerology represents insight, responsibility, self-discipline, strength, compassion, spiritual consciousness, wisdom and a love for humanity and that is who we are!

Why we do it?

In the past, companies advertised a product, clients bought it and the company made a profit. Now, with social media, it's a two way conversation. Impact17 wants to help our clients create posts that are authentic, inspiring, engaging and educational. We're passionate about people and growing..

How can we help you ?

When it comes to social media, trust us. Our startup was founded so that we can help you create EPIC social media! We want to empower with the tools and frameworks impactful content. .

Is your social media telling your authentic story?

Each brand has a narrative. We encouraging all our clients to create content that is inspiring, engaging and educational. So, when your followers see a post from you, they must either want to get out and save the world, comment on your post or learn something, or better still, all three

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Our clients are at the forefront of our business. What social media service do you require? TELL US. We're problem solvers. We'll pull some strings and create magic

Basics of social media

Here, we go through an adventure through the interwebs. We'll understand the various platforms and how can be of best value for you! This is great if you want to learn a new skill to help out family or friends in getting their socials up to date.

Social Media for me.

How best can you keep your Facebook/ Instagram followers engaged? How can you keep your audience updated on the latest developments of your company or organization? What is it about your product or service that changes lives? Engage with us and we will help you create a month framework of content, aligning with what YOU want to accomplish and with YOUR resources.


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Impact17 strives to deliver the tools and support that helps companies grow with unparalleled success.


Social Media Intern at Impact17. Business student at Oral Roberts University.


Founder- Impact 17 and Shop Enso.


Social Media Intern at Impact17. Marketing student at MANCOSA.

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